Raceway Lube Plus is an auto repair and service center located in Littleton, CO. Since 1995, our team of auto repair professionals has been providing Littleton with superior repair services for all of their car troubles. We have extensive experience providing both major and minor repairs of just about everything under the hood – and even the things that aren’t!

As a family owned and operated company, Raceway Lube’s fast, clean, and friendly service has come to be an award-winning auto repair shop! Two years in a row, our business has been voted the “Best of the Best” due to our great staff. Anyone can fix your vehicle, but we know what it takes to give personal service.

We are an honest, friendly, and professional service that values providing Colorado residents with complete repair services that they can rely on and trust on to complete the task at hand. Call us with any questions you may have!

“Very straight forward and honest.  I appreciate how I’m given options for service and communication is excellent.  This is the type of place that I can have confidence in and will recommend my friends.”
- Mark Elliot




BOB GARCIA - Majority Owner, Operator

With his ready smile and friendly banter, it's hard to believe that Bob is the driving force of the thriving Raceway business.  But within minutes you can also see the sharp intellect of a businessman who knows exactly what he's doing at every step.  He created from scratch exactly the kind of operation he wanted, built on valuing his people and his customers, and providing steady improvements to make his product and service superior in the marketplace.

Bob graduated from Arapahoe H.S., studied Business and Accounting at UNC, and graduated from USC in Applied Sciences and Automotive Technology.  He came to Raceway just three days after graduation, and remembers the idealism of those early days: "We had nice, clean uniforms, great banners, everything ready ... and just 3 customers!"  He has since built the business from a simple oil change operation with 2 bays to a full-service auto repair shop with 8 bays and 11 employees, 4 who are also part owners in the business. 

Bob knew from the start that "reputation was everything, and I wanted most of all for our customers to trust and rely on us," he says.  "I think we've done that here, because almost 90% of our customers are repeat or referral."
Bob admits that they all "work long hours and make less money than a lot of our competition," but he adds that "working with friends all day, and with second and third generation customers, knowing you're providing a great service ... that's very satisfying." 
A committed Dad, Bob spends what little free time he has with his young son, and occasionally golfing and landscaping. 



STEVE – Manager, Service Writer

Mild-mannered and easy-going, Steve is the kind of guy who seems to give each person his undivided attention.  He has a total customer focus, and feels like everyone at Raceway is part of a family, staff and customers alike.  "This is not like some nameless corporation where managers and employees seem to change every month," he says, "we have longevity here because we deal with customers on a personal level and it makes a difference." 

Steve graduated from USC, studying Applied Sciences and Automotive Technology.  He's been with Raceway almost from the start, and likes the "small town feeling" of this business.  He says they work long hours, but it doesn't feel like a job because "I am working with friends everyday, from both sides." 

"It's a great feeling to have your customer's trust," Steve says, "they put their vehicle in your hands, knowing we will do the right thing for them."  He believes this gives him and the staff a real sense of pride in what they do. 

Several years ago, when Steve was battling a cancer diagnosis, he was very moved by the number of regular customers who heard about his situation and spontaneously came forward to help him and his family.  "It's something I'll never forget," he says, clearly touched by the outpouring of support..  "Our customers are our neighbors and friends, many who are second generation now, and we always want to do our best for them."



BRAD – Manager, Auto Technician

With a natural affinity for auto mechanics, Brad readily admits that there is no work he'd rather be doing, despite the often-tough conditions.  "It's hot in summer, and wind-tunnel cold in winter," he says, smiling, "but I could never work in an office."  He can handle virtually any repair, but particularly enjoys tune-ups and maintenance.

Brad originally opened Raceway with his brother, Bob.  He has worked in the auto repair business since 1992, with different shops in the early years.  "This place is really different," says Brad, "there's a camaraderie here you just don't see at other shops."  The staff is made up of family and long-term friendships, so they look out for each other and for the customers.
A dedicated dad, Brad spends most of his free time on his son's competitive sports, going to the scheduled games and developing skills.  He lives in the neighborhood, and knows many of Raceway's long-term customers personally, watching their kids grow up and become customers, too. 



DAN - Lead Technician, ASE Master Certified

When you meet Dan, you'll think of a "gentle grizzly" – he's got the disarming size of a bear, but a great smile and warm manner that puts you at ease instantly.  He's lead tech at Raceway, Master Certified, and graduated at the top of his class at Wyoming Technical Institute.  With more than 20 years experience working on cars, he is very knowledgeable about vehicles. 

He enjoys diagnosing tricky electrical problems or helping another tech solve a complex problem, but most of all he likes that "everyday is new, and you never know where the day will go."  Although clearly the go-to guy in the repair bays, Dan is committed to the business and will do whatever is needed, whether it's "digging into things on a car or mopping the floor." 

He owns a couple of 1960s vintage Chevys that he is taking apart and restoring in his off-hours, demonstrating his mechanical affinity as well as his patience.

Dan sees Raceway as "a lot more personal than other auto shops."  He says it's not just the work environment that's so positive, but also that "we know many of our customers personally, and can stop and talk with them."  Dan appreciates the value of the excellent reputation Raceway has built. 



BRIAN - ASE Certified Auto Technician

With his tall frame, wire-rimmed glasses, and serious demeanor, Brian looks very much like a professor – and he might well be a "professor" of vehicles.  He began working on cars when he was just 11 or 12, and knew right away this work is what he was born to do.  Although he learned the basics in the field as an apprentice, he is ASE Certified and admits "You are always learning , you are never done in this business – there is something to learn everyday."

Although he loves to work on old Chevys, he enjoys all the repairs, and particularly likes the "super-technical car stuff."  Even more, he says it's very satisfying to "help people solve their problems," citing that when you "get into a car's mechanics, you go into your own world."  He remembers successfully removing the whole cab to replace an engine, and says "you go to the end of your rope to figure things out." 

"Professor" Brian has also worked in other auto shops, but appreciates the family atmosphere of Raceway and the wealth of technical information available to the Raceway staff.  He has known the Garcia brothers since they were all kids, and enjoys both the staff and customers of Raceway.  "We've all known each other for so long, we can trust everybody here.  That's a good feeling."



JAKE – Mechanic, Automotive Technician

An all-around outdoorsman, Jake carries his wiry frame efficiently, with no movement wasted.  He does everything with fervor, whether it's in the auto shop or out in the wild.

Jake studied Auto Mechanics at Arapahoe Community College, and loves the challenge of automotive diagnostics.  Working on brakes is probably his favorite repair, but admits the best thing is "helping people out," whether it's fixing a troublesome problem, or scheduled maintenance.  He likes the idea "of keeping America going." He's often the go-to guy for repairs on trailers and campers, so it brings him great satisfaction to help other outdoorsmen with their vehicles.  "I like knowing I'm helping people get ready for a trip," he says, "or even just making errands a little safer."  

Jake feels that he found his "niche in auto repair," and he values the flexibility and loyalty found in the Raceway family.  He still has an old 1974 Bronco that he works on everyday. 




An important part of Raceway's philosophy is to keep a quality staff of technicians who are committed to the business and to do the right thing for customers.  And the best way to do this is to "grow your own techs" from a young age so you can nurture the best skills and qualities in them. 

Our "Pit/Hood Rookies" each got hired on during high school, and several are still with us while in college.  It takes a long time to develop great Raceway employees, because "of course we mentor them through the technical aspects," says owner Bob Garcia,  "but we also want them to learn about our company and the value of our reputation."  It's often much better to teach the right way to do things from the start, and foster a real sense of quality and customer service.

Raceway's rookies are all great contributors to the staff, bringing a strong interest in the automotive industry and a good work ethic attitude.  Thanks to Taylor, Parker and Cody for your energy and enthusiasm!



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